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Canmake - Color Change Eyebrow - 6 Types
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Brand from Japan: Canmake. Just one coat provides a high-color effect similar to bleach. Completely change the look of your eyebrows, for a more stylish impression in an instant. High-color, waterproof, won't rub off, warm water removal. High-color effect similar to bleach (no pearl particles). The brush teams well with the smooth fluid, ensuring perfect coverage of each & every lash. Contains no pearl particles, so you don't need to worry about obtrusive shine. Fiber-free, yet creates soft, natural-looking eyebrows. Imbues each & every lash with soft, natural definition. Creates a soft, natural-looking finish without scratchiness, even after drying. Simple to remove with warm water. What does eyebrow mascara do: It matches your eyebrow color to your hair color, preventing your eyebrows standing out unnaturally & ensuring that your make-up looks well-balanced. It makes your skin look lighter & more translucent, creating a gentler impression. It tames your eyebrows, keeping them looking neat & tidy.

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