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LIBERTA - Slinky Touch Mens Hair Remover Cream ...
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Brand from Japan: LIBERTA. A milk-type cream for men that is easy and easy to care for by simply applying it with your hands. A beauty essence formulation that is gentle on the skin and can firmly remove thick bristles of men. It does not scratch the skin because it does not use a blade, and has a smooth texture that does not tingle. Refreshing light blue scent. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount to the area where you want to remove hair, making it slightly thicker (1 mm to 3 mm). At this time, apply it evenly on the roots of the hair. After applying, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and wipe it off with a tissue or gauze. When using on thick or thick hair, take a little longer while watching the situation. After that, rinse well. After hair removal, please apply moisturizing care with lotion or emulsion. Avoid continuous use of this product and use it once every 5 days as a guide.

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