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Kose - Predia Alga Shampoo N 600ml
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Brand from Japan: Kose. Contains root comb extract. A non-silicone shampoo that protects your hair and scalp from damage and provides a healthy environment. Removes sebum stains and styling agents on the scalp to prevent damage. By removing the dirt, the effect of Predia Fango Hair Mask N to be used later is brought out. Combines several types of cleaning ingredients and conditioning polymer in an exquisite balance. Realized bubbling, dirt removal, no creaking, and gentle moisture on hair and scalp. Mechabu extract formulation. Supports scalp turnover, creating an environment that produces healthy hair. A mild acidity that gently pulls the cuticle on the hair and scalp. Clean and comfortable to use. A pleasant, refreshing fresh herbal floral scent. How to use: After wetting the hair and scalp, weigh and scrub the scalp with a suitable amount in your hands and rinse well.

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