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Bison - India Esthe Premium Hot Heat Wrap Gel 220g
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Brand from Japan: Bison. Burning massage gel (rinse off type). Rap gel that comes into close contact with the skin instantly generates heat. It promotes sweat. A texture of a little consolidation that increases the sense of effect of massage. Rollings club formulation. Further increase the effect of massage. Oriental heat-up ingredient, skin tone treatment ingredient formulation. Sesame oil derived from Indian tradition Ayurveda was commonly compounded. Authentic Indian style esthetic series that you can do at home. Massage conscious of Indian style marma. Extra thing collected in the body refreshed. The fragrance of exotic oriental floral. Oriental heat-up ingredient formulation. Hot ingredients: Capsicum extract, ginger root extract, vanillybutyl. Tightening ingredients: Pashambu (Bergenian Lidarata root) extract, Force ring CG (Coleus root extract). Moisturizing ingredients: Black Pepper Extract (Tetrahydropiperine). How to use: Wipe off the skin's moisture lightly. Appropriate amount for hand, stretching to the part of the body that you care about. Massage every 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly afterwards. Do not use those who are vulnerable to irritation. Do not use for face or mucosa. Do not use immediately after hair removal / hair removal. If you feel it is too hot during use, rinse immediately. After use, be sure to wash your hands. If you get on your eyes, lips, mucous membranes, etc., you may feel irritation, rinse with water immediately.

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