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COGIT - Medicated Finger Hair Remover Cream 20g
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Brand from Japan: COGIT. This is also perfect for fingers that are apt to care for. Rose's gentle aroma, when you notice it can be used quickly and easily remove the fingers of the limbs. Combination of depilatory components and moisturizing ingredients. You can use it with a hand cream sense even on the go with a mini size entering the pouch. How to use: Easy 3 steps. Since moisture may come out of the beginning, use it after removing it. Apply to the thickness (about 1 to 3 mm) where the hair is hidden in the part to paint and remove hair at an appropriate amount. After wiping it for 5 to 10 minutes usually, wipe it off with absorbent cotton or gauze. Wash thoroughly with water or lukewarm water just to wash, or wipe with wet cotton wool or gauze. Depending on the quality and quantity of hair, there are some differences in the time required for hair removal.

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